My First

1, First, One… It’s not a number, a figure or a word; it’s an emotion. Have you ever thought why is it so special? The baby’s first step, his first word, her first day at school, his first soccer match, her first position in finals, his first crush, her first love, his first salary, her first breakup, his first car, their first vacation together, her first baby and his first scream.

It is because we pour our hearts in to it, give it our best and remember it forever. A lawyer’s first case is the most prepared for, an actor’s first performance is the most rehearsed, your first love is what you fought the hardest for but what happens when it goes wrong?

Does a lawyer quit his profession? Or a surgeon refuses to operate again? No, they never stop trying but sometimes they stop believing. The baby gets back up and learn to walk but this time refuses to leave his father’s finger. A broken heart yet falls in love again but is afraid to take the leap of faith and give it all. One learns to swim but never leaves the shore.

What hold you back is an emotion, emotion which gets engraved in your memory, seeps into your soul and becomes a part of your personality. Its strength cannot be undermined; its significance cannot be ignored but only understood, realized and embraced.

Luckily, emotions can be used either way, to strengthen ourselves or make us vulnerable. So let your ‘1’s, Firsts & Ones’ which went wrong blend with your faith and give you strength. A little twinge of belief will do wonders just as you take the leap of faith. Live in the moment and let the baby inside you leave the holding finger, let the swimmer dive deeper and lover sit on his knees to put his heart out.

Rest assured, beyond that is another “First” waiting for you.


Written By:
Bilal Tanveer Butt