the imperfect ending

With an aching heart he left the shore, never to return, never to love again.. he had given life enough chances and it was time, he let himself drown, lose that last breath which he held in his lungs to pass on.
He floated further in the freezing water watching the full moon, shine over his paralyzed numb body which reminded him of the dreams where he held her hand laying on the fresh grass starring at the same moon laughing all night long, surrounded by the passion of love.
Maybe it was too good to be true; he thought to himself giving up all that he had in him.. hope, sensation, strength and desire.
The ocean welcomed him with open arms as if it has been waiting for this night since forever. Atleast it was getting what it wanted, cooling the blood inside; so the heart, beats no more, calls no more, misses no more, desires no more.
Only she could save him, but she was busy finding herself in the paper town.. and letting her world slip away. She didn’t belong there, she belonged with him where she could be loved, caressed, adored and cherished. But today wasn’t her day.. It was his! His liberation from the curse of life, it was time he moved on to a world without pain. A world so cold, where motion stops and time freezes.
As the last breath left his lungs and followed through his chest to his brain just to escape his lips. It took with it the words he never said, the feelings he never expressed, the passion he never showed, the touch he never made, the life he almost had.

In the silence of the winds and motion of the waves, he left to a pain free world.. for skies to echo what they heard last for centuries to come; his dying heartbeat!

Written By:
Bilal Tanveer Butt


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