Letters to the heart

Confusion, Rationale, Practicality and Freedom; four pillars of support or four faces of fear?

Fear to take the leap of faith, fear to hold the extended hand; is the hand too cold? Or soft? Or warm? Confusion prevails.

Fear the fingers won’t fit perfectly, do I have enough vigour to grip it tight? Too tight will hurt, I don’t want to get hurt. I have had enough, I am happy as I am. Rationale excuses.

Fear of going apart, fear of losing companionship. It’ll slow me down, I don’t need it. I am too young, no it’s not the right time. Practicality justifies.

Fear of not being good enough, fear of making the wrong choice. I belong to no one, I don’t want to suffocate, its me who can disappear, a choice I can make. Freedom craves.

My Diary


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