Dancing with the Devil – Part 2

Devil has a mistress; yes she is there.
He didn’t know that until she made it clear.

It wasn’t the end, it was a new start.
He was moving on and would evolve his beautiful art.

She’d always be there, as hope in his heart.
Will never disappear, even 7 seas apart.

It was different, it wasn’t that smart.
Slower and stronger, was it’s best part.

He refused to name it, decided to wait.
Let the film roll and define it’s state.

The wolf in him wasn’t to be starved.
Just prolong the hunt and savour the zart.

His lust for life was increasing everyday.
He would lure her too, with his riveting gaze.

Her green dress and scarlet lips.
He hadn’t had lost, all his chips.

The game of poker had not changed.
The queen was yet to be claimed.

All these times, he was lying.
He was the devil and she was divine.


Written By:
Bilal Tanveer Butt



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