Dancing with the Devil – Part 1

He was spellbound by her dazzling smile, oblivious of the crowd he let himself float with waves of her aura.
He flew to the seven skies, there was none like her. He searched the seven kingdoms and there was none like her.
Her magical presence across the table was a fantasy, a sorcery, an imagination or reality? He kept figuring out until the first touch.

Yes, she was there, with a dream in her eyes. Dream to fly higher, eyeing fire in the sky; across all terrains, was her destination.

Yet, he put his heart into his palm and gave her a chance. She saw, she held and said it was too soon to be felt.
His dance with the devil had almost come to an end but he refused to quit, wanted to tap till the end.

He peeked into her soul and knew it’s not her anymore. Living by the edge was now her daily chore.

“Oh, its just a game, another day, another night.. don’t worry, just keep up the fight”; he was moving on leaving everything behind. It was time he let her go, it was time he let her shine.

Just as his mind juggled with poetry and symbolism, he knew not where he was headed this time. He was lost trying to maintain his ground, it slipped messing up his crown.

She left him there taking his inspiration; a broken heart and sketchy art, was now all he was left with in this part.

To be continued…

Written By:
Bilal Tanveer Butt


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