Evening Sunshine

Yes, she’ll come around” he thought to himself.
Worrying about it, just won’t help.

“Give me some time, I need to know more” she excused her heart.
She knew deep down, it’s not just her love for his art.

Another day passed and all they took were baby steps towards the land where it will all start.

A new sun will rise, a new dawn when it ll change,
he will have her and she ll have his name.

Her glowing eyes and that perfect smile, her shimmering skin and a glass of wine.

He kept his cool while staring at his better half,
he knew.. she knew… but it was too soon to chalk.

They almost never took it serious, they thought they didn’t need one another,
but angels have their way, it was time to move further.

They connected, they smiled, they felt it everytime.
What more could he ask for, if she said “you are mine.”

With a bunch of flowers, he said goodbye.
Lilacs, Lillies, Daisies were his alibi.

He saw her leaving in the dark night, she turned back and it was a sign.
He waved and yet again.. ‘until next time’.

Written By:
Bilal Tanveer Butt


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