Rising Sunset

All he could hear was his heart pounding while she speared her way into his soul.
Mesmerized by her eyes, his conscious was fading while he tried to regain focus on the holy words taking form every time she moved those petal lips.
He felt lighter with every breath, her scent was working. ‘Pixie dust’ he felt, was all around them. He was in a never-ending time warp, which he feared would end. His greatest fantasy was right there and he kept staring helplessly, enchanted by her beauty, he was absorbing her light.
He could satisfy her thirst but she was scared, scared of losing him, scared of falling again, scared of taking the first flight with the rising sun. Gathering courage she opened up, crawling out of her cave she submitted herself a little more with every word. She wanted him to take charge, to tell her that she could trust him and he ll never let go.

She was worth a life, worth the effort, worth the time, worth giving his all. She wanted to hold his hand and test the waters, they could swim across the seas. They were meant to be.

Just one more step and he was there to hold her, he had dreamt that for years. He kept waiting on his flying carpet but it didn’t happen.. their angels decided otherwise.

And here he is dreaming about it again..
Some day…
One day..


Written By:
Bilal Tanveer Butt


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